Saturday, December 18, 2010

Penang Trip Day 2

Alright day2 ,
first at all we went to the temple

After that we went to Chew Jetty ( there's were only same surname people live there)

Hi grandpa =)

beautiful scenery and beautiful people XD

ok, next was Nyonia traditional house


in cable car on the way to Ji Le temple

I just...

Toy Museum

Last ,
ready to for banana boat !!

....ready to flip over

It's my turn to FLY~

I believe I can flY

take off

I can see whole sea side up there

landed safely

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Penang trip day 1

I went to Penang Island with my friends for vacation (but actually I went there for FOODS XD )
well we left KL about 10.30

on the way we started taking photos

ok, after we reach Penang , after we take Rapid Penang bus ,
we walk about 40 minutes -.- to reach the inn (about 5~8 km? i think)
my Iphone and I guided them to the hotel XD
so GPS is important is travelling specially with Emily XD

after check in we went to Gurney Plaza
Coffe Bean to have some drinks

To the sea side

I can feel the sea haha..

TIME TO EAT !!!!! (our main mission )

ya I'm excited

eat eat eat....

still eating ....

keep eating...

hmm... I think we have eat for 2 hours to more
after that we went to Gurney plaza agian =)

weired pose
watch NARNIA donno which ep is it ...
and then we went back to the place we eat and pack some foods back to the inn
eat again like a Pig =)
after that ,
6 people stuck in my room and sleep together-.-
and Jia jian's snoring sound really annoying
so I didn't sleep for the whole night @.@
that's all for the day 1
day2 will coming up on next update .
ps: thx Eyuan for helping me changed blogskin big Thank to her