Wednesday, April 28, 2010


busy these days

but I donno wat I busy for -.-


Happy BD to:

Kai Lui (my best best friend :)
Sabrina Khoo (I still donno ur real name leh)
sry for the late update k? =)

yesterday won badminton match in school

and I didn't go for Wilayah volleyball....
Donno why, I just don't wanna go

anti emo pls :)

EXAM T.T I hate u...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

xD i'm in the new house now

ya, i'm there (havent 100% moved, so im busy these days so my blog was dint updated :)

a brand new house

brand new enviroment

the thing let me most excited is

there is a park around my house

which is just few steps away xD

ya my friends and Patrick : I'm going to have 6 or 4 packs soon pls do look forward for it xD

and there is more bigger room for me man xD( photos maybe will upload soon as possible)

Do I love u huh?