Sunday, January 31, 2010

Have u saw me fly through the sky today morning?

Fly Time:39Mins
Objectives:Take off maintain 1500feet and heading to KLCC and left turn to jalan ipoh to damansara and land

-Ready to take off?

-every thing ready except the window dint close yet xD

-after take off


so high

-heading to klcc and that is kl tower
- whether is memang cloudy



- after klcc to the jalan ipoh
- my apartment is there :)

-sungai mas, bedford is there if u see properly

- ok , batu cave is there

- a lake around batu caves

-ready to land heading to airport

- gear touching down

- checking tire
- sweating alot

- ok, landed and taxi to parking area

- another student pilot waitting for take off while im taxing
- that pilot is a girl, i think she will be a leng lui, cause her sound so sweet xD

after landing

-back seats

nice fly today
im still in one peace in home and blogging xD
and im planning fly to pulau pangkok with that plane
during chinese new year
anyone intrested?? :)
Yap Xin Le
sei wai yeh
wan go ma? xD
i promise u wont kick u down from plane la xD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boom Boom Pow

its about 3 weeks with 4AYi

there are so many funny guys

specialy CCB

haha, i like his funny acting

and the guy sit with me

hong ling , we talk ''lin hua'' together

there are really really nice ppls in my class

and i have never regret for the art stream class
next month first going for Subang airport to take a lesson

who wan go with me ? its free xD(Patrick will excited if he saw this)

the scenery of KL up there really nice

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



do you agree with me?

Saturday, January 16, 2010


well its 2 week edi

i like my class as well

funny .

nice guys there

nice teacher there

i love the school life^^
anyone interest in the charity?
if yes come on join this group Bedford2u Club

holiday coming~
waitting for 31th
maybe go to Subang Airport have a lesson again??

haha who knows maybe i will have a date?xD

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year New Hopes

Hello 2010

in 31/12/2009
- NO countdown
- NO clubing
- NO alcohol
- NO friends

only yong qing's Happy New year massage(thx)

alone infront of the TV

2010 NEW wishes:

*study hard
*grow taller 180cm++
*average mark get 65++
*get more cash$$
*stay healhty
*a girlfriend
*meet more new friends
*driving license+new car
*travel!! to anywhere without family